Customer case: 10 flights in five days in blizzards – 250 passengers safely flown to their destination and back!

A customer wanted to attend a major event in Åre, Sweden, to which 250 passengers needed to be flown, cost-effectively and at short notice, in just five days.

There were no direct flights, so when the customer contacted Private Skies, we quickly began mapping out its needs and preferences. We decided to opt for a cost-effective ATR72 aircraft capable of carrying 50 passengers per flight, which fitted in with the customer’s plans. Strategic planning enabled us to minimise the empty seats per plane, and we arranged the flights so that they ferried groups back to Helsinki en route to fetching new passengers headed for Åre.

Why Private Skies?

Our customer chose Private Skies because direct flights to the destination were not available and, once prices within the customer’s budget had been agreed, it was clear that scheduled flights with connections would have been more expensive than the charter shuttle arranged by Private Skies.

The fact that Private Skies uses only reliable airlines was important for our customer, since the worst snowstorm of the year occurred during the week in question, wreaking havoc amongst air traffic. Only one of the flights we arranged was late, despite the need to change the planes being used as the blizzard worsened. The customer’s flights would have been severely delayed without Private Skies’ determined mindset and high-quality partners. If the customer had chosen scheduled flights, 25% would have been cancelled and some group members would have had to miss the event altogether.


Helsinki – Åre – Helsinki

10 flights
5+1 days
250 passengers

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