Scheduled flight tickets and charter flights

A charter flight is the ideal choice in many situations – reliable, cost-effective and convenient charter flights are a great option when there are no direct flights to the destination, when the schedule is important, or a large group needs to reach the same location at the same time. We have taken groups on holiday, concert, golf, hunting, Alpine skiing and match trips, as well as breaks involving hundreds of employees – the number of cases is endless.

We will tender between reliable charter operators, seek the best prices, handle cooperation and contractual issues securely, and arrange flights and additional services in just the way your group prefers. A wide range of charter aircraft of various sizes is at our disposal – suitable for groups of all sizes, from a few to hundreds of passengers.

Scheduled flight tickets

Are you booking flights for a group, but a charter flight is out of the question and you can’t find tickets that fit your needs and budget? Booking your own scheduled flight tickets for a large group is often a frustrating experience. Through its extensive network of partners, Private Skies can tender for scheduled flight tickets for large groups quickly and easily. Best of all, the price includes the charter flight service and excellent cancellation terms.

When Private Skies tenders for scheduled flight tickets on your behalf, the price includes:

  • Outstanding cancellation terms: basic cancellation terms vary between airlines, but booking via Private Skies always means better terms than when booking yourself
  • Concierge service
  • 24/7 flight tracking
  • Flight information for each passenger: you will receive all flight information, such as connecting flights, terminals, destination details and schedules in a single message in advance
  • Dedicated check-in If scheduled flight tickets are booked for a sufficiently large group, dedicated check-in will await you at the airport: your luggage will be handled quickly and you avoid wasting time in queues.
  • On scheduled routes from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, a representative will await your group at the airport to ensure that everything is going to plan and that boarding is fast, easy and smooth
  • We can also arrange access to a lounge, where your group can begin its trip by enjoying great services

Scheduled flight tickets + Charter flight

We can also combine a charter flight with scheduled flight tickets to remote destinations, where part of the journey is by scheduled flight, followed by a smooth changeover to a charter flight for the leg not covered by scheduled routes. This will save you lots of time, but keep the costs in check.

Whatever you need, the best travel solutions are just one call away. Make a request for a price quotation on our website, and we’ll get in touch quickly!

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