Customer case: four cities in one day – group of executives holds time-saving meeting day on the ground and in the air!

How to arrange a series of internal company meetings, when key employees are located in units scattered around the Nordic countries?

Easily and efficiently, when you have a private plane!

Our client had its executive team flown to a meeting in Copenhagen with multiple pickups. The flight left Helsinki in the morning for Stockholm, where it picked up two passengers. After a short stopover, it flew to Oslo, where another two passengers were added. Next came Copenhagen, the customer’s actual destination. In Copenhagen, the passengers left the plane for their principal meeting. They were then flown back based on a reverse stopover itinerary, with everyone getting home in time for the evening.

Time-management was extremely efficient during the day, with meetings being held in the air, in perfect privacy, during the private flight. A private plane offers an outstanding environment for confidential discussions, conducted in your own time and without fear of information leaking out.

Why Private Skies?

The customer chose Private Skies because it knew that we always provide a wide range of travel solutions, answer all queries quickly and are present at the airport to escort customers who are departing from Helsinki. Due to its long experience, Private Skies understands the critical nature of schedules for executive decision-makers and the high sums of money at stake in important meetings.

You can trust us, every time, not to leave a customer stranded and to be proactive in keeping to the promised schedule, while ensuring a smooth and seamless journey.



2 flights
6 passengers

Why don’t we use the company names of our customers in our business flight references?

The privacy of our customers is our number-one priority. We have avoided using details, such as company names or business areas, that could identify our customers, because privacy is very important to our business flight customers.

However, the flights described in the accounts were actually arranged by Private Skies, and were chosen as published references in order to illustrate the tangible ways in which our business flight services have benefited our customers.

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