Private Skies is a broker firm for private aviation services that offers versatile and reliable transportation solutions with expertise. Our team of aviation and customer service professionals will help design cost-effective and timesaving aviation solutions to cater to each of our customer’s individual needs.

About us



Company Excursions Designed for You Step by Step.


Choose Private Skies Business

  • For a group of 1-18 persons
  • For flexibility in schedules
  • To reach destinations off commercial routes
  • To combine many destinationson a single trip
  • For efficient, pleasant and convenient travel


Choose Private Skies Charter

  • For groups of 20-500 persons
  • When a group is too large for a single commercial flight
  • When arriving on schedule is essential
  • When the destination is multiple stops away


Choose Private Skies Cargo

  • For urgent cargo transports
  • For urgent transportation of service crew and/or parts
  • When cargo is large in size or requires special handling for other reasons
  • When cargo needs to reach a remote location