Private Skies Cargo helps when you have special cargo transportation needs. When you need transportation on a fast schedule, for more unique cargo, or, for example, a group of mechanics, we will find a solution for you through our broad network of transportation partners. Our experienced partners can fly the cargo to the nearest airport even during the same day. Our broad partnership network also enables us to find the right type of plane for any type of cargo shipping, and our comprehensive bidding process facilitates competitive pricing.

Small cargo

The shipping of small cargo does not require large transportation vehicles or special arrangements so typically this type of cargo can be conveniently transported via regular shipping routes. When the cargo is urgent, however, can regular cargo network schedules block the shipment from getting to the destination on time. Through our network of partners we will transport your cargo of up to 1500kg easily and cost-effectively straight to the destination. We guarantee a safe and careful delivery of your documents, spare parts, as well as more valuable goods all the way to the end recipient.

Large cargo

Large or heavy cargo can be a challenge to transport via standard cargo networks. Large items such as vehicles, large engines, or other heavy metal components have difficulty fitting into cargo routes due to their size exceeding the standard package measurements. Furthermore, cargo shipments are dependent on the schedules of the standard routes. With our comprehensive network of partners, we can arrange tailored air freight transports suiting the needs of our clients regardless of the size of the cargo.

Service crews

We can arrange a fast transportation of mechanics, service crews, and spare parts. Missing an essential spare part or crew can lead to substantial costs at a work site, so in the case of an emergency it is important to transport the service personnel or spare part to the location quickly. In multiple destinations, the procedure can be handled efficiently by transporting the service crew with a private plane. In this way the time management of the crew is improved as a private jet is on location and ready to transport them to the next destination. Via our network of partners, we can arrange the fast transportation of different sized groups even to more challenging locations.

Special cargo

Special cargo can include e.g. animals, fresh produce, dangerous items, as well as oil and gas transportation. Special cargo always requires permits and an operator that meets the standards of the International Air Transport Association IATA. Through our comprehensive partnership network, we can give transportation solutions at competitive prices for special cargo provided by our partners who are IATA approved and have operated air freight transports for decades around the world. We can also arrange helicopter operated air freight.


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